Acknowledgements & Links

This website could not have been produced without the generous advice and assistance of many who have explored the archives of those of our various ancestors who served in the Royal Navy.

There are a number of pages here that are linked to those elsewhere, and there are also a number of statements included that have been derived from elsewhere as well.  It is to be hoped that there are no inaccuracies, inconsistencies or errors in the various entries.  If such are found it would be useful if these were pointed out and reported using the ‘Contact’ page.

As well as the the National Maritime Museum and the National Archives, the particular sites that have provided a wealth of information are:

William Loney RN by P.Davis

Three Decks – Warships in the age of Sail

HMS Exmouth – Life and Times of a Victorian Battleship by Roger Donne

19th Century Naval Vessels and some of their movements by P. Benyon

Naval Social History – Circa 1793 – 1920+ by P. Benyon

A Naval Biographical Dictionary by William Richard O’Byrne – Wikisource

and also such sites as

and, of course



If other sites should have been acknowledged, please use the ‘Contact’ page to submit your suggestions.

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