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HMS Ranger under the command of Commander James Anderson was employed on the west coast of Africa.  During the period Arthur Barrow was on board the Ranger was part of the West Africa squadron.  This included HMS Pantaloon, Flying Fish, and the steam sloops HMS Styx and Hydra patrolling in the Bight of Benin off Ghana, Togo, Nigeria and Angola, and whose purpose was to catch slave-ships sailing to the Americas, so releasing the captured miserable humanity that were held on these dreadful vessels (Ran_1, Ran_2).   It is not known if Arthur Barrow was the First Lieutenant on this ship, but if he was (rather than just a Lieutenant) there was significant commendation of him on his return (Ran_3).  The Ranger was ordered to sail to Chatham on return to England to be paid off (Ran_4).  During her following overhaul, ‘her bulkheads and fittings were not to be disturbed’ – perhaps as a precaution against possible contamination from disease.


HMS Ranger

An 8-gun packet brig, launched in 1835, hulked in 1860 and sold in 1867.


‘HM packet brig, ‘Sheldrake’, Lt Passingham, entering Falmouth harbour’ –  oil on canvas – Nicholas Matthew Condy.  The Sheldrake as the Ranger, was a packet brig.large

‘The London and Madeira packet brig Dart entering Funchal Roads’ – Lithograph, William Adolfus Ackermann.  Again, the Ranger was also a packet brig.

The London and Madeira packet brig Dart, PY0579

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