Crowdy Court Martial

Record of the Court Martial of Commander Charles Crowdy assembled on 11th March 1828 on board HMS Victory, Sir Michael Seymour, Bart., and K.C.B., President.

A third Court Martial was held on board the same ship on the 11th March and continued by adjournment till the 17th March, on Commander Charles Crowdy of the Badger on charges preferred against him by Lieut Raymond Evans of that sloop, viz. for un-gentlemanly and un-officer Hke conduct towards the officers and crew of the said sloop; in making use of horrid imprecations to the ship’s company on various occasions and particularly on Jan last when he repeatedly said to the crew ‘Now I have got you out of danger I will sweat you you buggers’;  secondly for oppressive un-gentlemanly and un-officer like behaviour to the officers and crew of the Badger; and for having struck Mr Orr the pilot while in the execution of his duty; thirdly for inflicting corporal punishment on Win Pearce, seaman of the Badger, and not entering the same in the ship’s log book nor making a return of such punishment to the Admiralty; also for making alterations in the Badger’s log book after it had been signed by the officers of the watch.  Opinion of the Court that the charge of un-officer like conduct towards the petty officers and crew of the Badger has been proved but that the other charges above stated have not been proved and that the charge respecting the alterations in the log book is frivolous and, taking into consideration all the circumstances of the case, the Court adjudge the said Commander Charles Crowdy to be only admonished, to be circumspect in his conduct and language in future, and he was admonished accordiugly

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