… in the Mediterranean

HMS Howe was under Captains Robert Smart and Thomas Forrest  and ‘… flagship for some time of Sir Francis Mason, also on the Mediterranean station …’ during the period Arthur Barrow was on board.  The fleet at Malta was gradually reduced in numbers (How_1), the Howe returning to England in July 1843 when Lieutenant Arthur Barrow was paid off (How_2)


HMS Howe

A 120-gun first rate ship of the line, launched on 28th March 1815 in Chatham dockyard, on almost the very day that Napoleon began his ‘100 days’ leading to the Battle of Waterloo.  She was one of three Nelson class ships-of-the-line, along with HMS Nelson and HMS St. Vincent.  HMS Howe was broken up in 1854.


HMS St Vincent, used as a training ship in 1897, one of the three Nelson Class ships of the line, of which HMS Howe was another.  The third was HMS St. Vincent.


A contemporary block model of HMS Howe (note the screw propellor).Howe contemporary model

A contemporary half-block model of HMS Howe.HMS Howe Greenwich


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