Off the west coast of Africa

HMS Scout under the command of Captain Robert Craigie, was employed on the coast of Africa with the West Africa Squadron, set up to suppress the slave trade after Parliament had passed the Slave Trade Act of 1807.  The posting was considered one of the worst at the time, owing to the high risk of tropical disease.  The crew gave a donation of £12 0s 2d to the seaman’s hospital ship Dreadnought – possibly to assuage their fears of acquiring such a disease (Sco_1).  Arthur Barrow was on board during voyages from England to Simon’s Bay, Cape Town, and to St. Helena from Acra in Ghana, as well as Ascension Island.  During his period on board, HMS Scout’s hull, masts, yards, sails and cordage were repaired (Sco_2).

In January 1837 HMS Scout patrolled off the coast of Nigeria near the Bonny and Calabar rivers, where Arthur Barrow’s ‘ …  gallant conduct in the boats at the capture of the two slave-brigs Esperanca and Paquets de Cabo appears to have procured him official notice.’


HMS Scout

An 18-gun sloop, launched in 1832 and broken up in 1852.


A three masted ship-sloop (HMS Blossom off the Sandwich Islands) of the same design as HMS Scout.


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