The Queen at Malta

Arthur Barrow was promoted to Lieutenant and posted to HMS Queen while at Malta.  This ship was the flagship of Sir Edward William Campbell Rich Owen on the Mediterranean station, commanded by Hastings Reginal Henry.  During the short period Arthur Barrow was on board, the small fleet disappeared on an unknown mission (Que_1).


HMS Queen

A 110-gun first-rate ship of the line, launched on May 15th 1839 at Portsmouth. She was the last purely sailing battleship to be completed, all subsequent ones having steam propulsion as well.   In 1842, the period when Arthur Barrow was on board, she was visited by Queen Victoria.  In 1854 she took part in the Siege of Sevastopol in the Crimean War.  She was set on fire three times during the course of the action and finally had to withdraw. The famous ‘Timothy the Tortoise’ was the ship’s mascot during this action, a beast which died in 2004 aged about 160 years old.  The ship was fitted with a screw propellor and reduced to 86 guns in 1859.  Being able to cruise at 10.5 knots, she was commissioned into the Mediiterranean fleet.  She was broken up in 1871.


HMS Queen, Flagship of Vice Admiral Sir Edward Rich Owen, Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean fleet, leaving Malta – Oil on canvas by R. Strickland Thomas RN.


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